The Phonalisa Business and Enterprise version is ideal for operating hotlines and shops. This is because these versions contain the full range of call center functions that are crucial for the optimal distribution of calls to the appropriate contact person.

These include voice menus (IVR), queues and agents (static, dynamic and external), Active Call Distribution (ACD), statistics and telephony evaluations.

In the smaller Phonalisa versions (Startup and SBE) the call center functions are limited – but it is also possible to run a call center with these versions.

For hotline and shop operators, reliable telephone availability is crucial. In the rarest cases, the agents are located at only one location. In most cases, external colleagues are registered at the central system via the home office and other branch offices are connected via site network/plant coupling.

Phonalisa offers a monitoring function to train new agents or to check the service quality in the company. This makes it possible to dial into ongoing calls via a function code and follow them. If you then select another function code, you can talk to the agent – without the caller noticing. It is also possible to open a three-party conference with it and finally make a three-party phone call.

What are the advantages of the site connection?

  • Colleagues can select the View presence status and communicate via Instant Messenger.
  • You get a high telephone availability so that no call is lost.
  • The internal telephony is not only free of charge – it is also encrypted! This allows sensitive internal company data to be transferred almost securely.

Voice menus (IVR) for call distribution

  • One-level and multi-level language menus
  • Individual greeting of the caller
  • Assignment of keys 0-9, *, # with different destinations
    • possible destinations: internal extension, group, queue, call group, additional voice menu, conference room, manual destination (e.g. an external number, mobile phone number)
    • Forwarding to AB or announcement (AB messages are then delivered to a defined user by mail)
    • A greeting can be played before forwarding

Allymarket – e-business & e-commerce

“For us as shop operators and service partners of external online shops, flexible telephone availability is one of the most important prerequisites for ongoing business. Using Phonalisa’s VoIP system, we have been able to switch our hotlines completely location-independently for more than nine years and thus service them from different locations. This helps us in the daily optimization of our resource planning. And also our customers appreciate a maximum available service hotline.”

Tobias Kallinich,
Managing director of allymarket GmbH & Co KG, Erfurt

Queues with their agents

  • Combination of static, dynamic, and external agents
  • Individual greeting text and waiting music per queue
  • Strategies for Call Distribution
  • Call forwarding for the cases “Empty” and “Timeout
  • CID-prefix to recognize the queue on the phone display
  • Agents can be distributed in levels and positions
  • waiting times per level uvm.
More about the Phonalisa queues…

Example from practice

A hotline operator serves several queues and shops. Each queue gets its own CID-prefix, so the agents know exactly on which queue the caller is calling and can answer with the corresponding greeting.

Now it is also important that the agents send the correct phone number of the respective shop for external calls. The SIP accounts on the agents’ end devices are processed in such a way that they only need to select the corresponding account and send the correct phone number.

Time and date-controlled call distribution optimises your reachability so that calls can only be transferred at a specific time or date. For example, it is easily possible to control the daily working hours (including break times) or the availability during public holidays with a time profile.

For an outbound call center it is extremely important not to dial every number by hand on the phone. Our customers use the Phonalisa CTI client for this purpose. The hotkey function can be used to quickly and easily mark phone numbers and dial them using the hotkey – from any application!

“With Phonalisa Europe GmbH, we have found a very competent consultant for the realization and expansion of our distributed call center and our telephone rental system. The uncomplicated conversion of our entire telephony to VoIP was almost a minor matter.”

J.Vockeroth, nextbike GmbH