Is Phonalisa also available as a classic hardware box / appliance?

Yes, you can buy a Phonalisa appliance in different sizes. Please contact us, we will be happy to put you in touch with a dealer or distributor in your area.

In our company all services are virtualized. Can this also be done with a Phonalisa telephone system?

Yes, you can install Phonalisa e.g. in VirtualBox, VMWare and other virtualizers.

Which SIP providers do you recommend?

Phonalisa is compatible with many SIP providers. Many of our customers use e.g. Reventix/Sipbase or Sipgate.

Can I use a GSM gateway?

This is possible without any problems, e.g. with a GSM gateway from Beronet.

Are there different version sizes of the Phonalisa phone system?

There are a total of 5 different versions of the Phonalisa phone system. Depending on the desired range of functions, you can choose between “Home”, “Startup”, “SBE”, “Business” and “Enterprise”. The system has a modular structure, i.e. the functionality of the smaller versions can be increased by purchasing additional packages.

What are channels?

A channel is a voice channel. One voice channel is required in each case to establish an external telephone call or to accept an incoming call. Internal calls do not consume channels. An outgoing or incoming fax also needs a free channel. If all available channels are busy, the next caller hears a busy tone. However, you can use your media gateway or your provider to define an alternative procedure in such a case. For example, you could redirect to a different phone number, location, or mobile phone. However, there are also various scenarios/cases in which at least one speech channel must always be free. This is the case, for example, with an emergency call. If an emergency number is dialled, Phonalisa automatically disconnects an existing call and opens the voice channel so that the emergency call can be made.

I have a company with 100 employees. Does the number of users play a role in the purchase?

It doesn’t matter how many users you have on your Phonalisa phone system. The number of users is unlimited, but you should keep in mind enough channels for the maximum number of concurrent calls required.

Is there a limit to the number of phones that can be connected?

The number of devices you connect to your Phonalisa phone system is not limited by the software. The hardware used is the only limitation, but in the enterprise segment it can be moved arbitrarily by clustering. The system is scalable in all directions.

A desired module is only available in a larger version. Can I still buy it?

In the smaller version you can buy different functions via packages. If a desired module for your application is missing – please contact us.

I already have a Phonalisa in use. Now my company has grown a lot and I need the features from the next bigger Phonalisa version. Do I have to buy the system again now or can I solve it differently?

We solve this case in an uncomplicated way. The price for your new purchase is calculated – and from this we deduct your already paid channel costs of the smaller version. So you’re only paying the difference.

We operate a call center at various locations throughout Germany. Is Phonalisa also suitable for this?

You can connect all your sites to a central Phonalisa telecommunications system. For example, you can use the advantages of internal telephony across all locations, you can read your instant messenger status across all locations and Phonalisa also offers special call center functions such as the statistics module, the call manager and extensive queue settings.

Can I integrate home office colleagues?

Yes, this is possible without any problems. Prerequisite: A corresponding Internet connection must be available at the home office.

Our company operates at different locations worldwide. Is it possible to connect these locations with a Phonalisa telephone system?

Yes, this is possible with the Phonalisa system coupling, but a functioning Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth is a prerequisite for this.

Can I continue to use my old phones?

If your phones are SIP-enabled – in most cases this is possible without any problems. In the worst case, the devices must be configured manually if they are not supported by provisioning. If you use analogue telephones, you must use a converter (e.g. from Grandstream) to operate the telephones on the Phonalisa telephone system. Analog telephones are then not supported by provisioning and must be integrated manually. Otherwise, Phonalisa Provisioning supports a large number of IP device manufacturers, possibly yours as well.

Do I need comprehensive IT knowledge for administration?

Not for the installation and everyday administration, because this is done via a multilingual and clear web interface. There is an extensive manual and tutorial videos, which explain e.g. the installation on different operating systems. Should you still not be able to cope or you have a special requirement, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Our local partners can of course also support you with installation and administration.

My family uses the Phonalia Home Edition. Can I combine several Home Editions to be able to call my family safely and free of charge?

Yes, you can do this via “Phonalisa Connect”. This service is delivered with every Home Edition. This is a simple version of the system coupling with which it is possible to establish so-called peer-to-peer connections between the systems. The conversations do not run unencrypted via a telephony provider but directly from system to system. The call itself and its signaling can of course be encrypted.

For our clinic we need a redundant system - so that no call is lost. Is that possible with Phonalisa?

You can purchase Phonalisa as a redundant / fail-safe system. Here the plant, the data base and all services which belong to it are mirrored once completely. Should a failure occur, the Phonalisa swivels from one node to the other within a few seconds. Not even currently active calls are disconnected. Only a bridging of a few seconds can be felt.

We need big-button telephones for our retirement home. Does Phonalisa support such a type of terminal?

Yes, Phonalisa supports e.g. the end devices of the company Ergophone. These are large-key ergonomics telephones that have been developed for use in clinics and retirement homes, for example.

We are a tax office with several locations. Is it possible to make encrypted calls to each other in order to exchange highly sensitive data?

Yes, with Phonalisa it is possible to make encrypted calls. We prefer to use the ZRTP technology for this purpose. ( ZRTP was developed by Phil Zimmermann – the GPG inventor – and is currently regarded as one of the safest ways of voice transmission. Both devices display a four-digit token which you can compare with your call partner. If the token is identical, it is mathematically ensured that there is no “man-in-the-middle” attack on your phone call. This means that the call cannot have been decrypted and re-encrypted at any time during transmission – not even by the telephone system itself. The encryption actually takes place from end device to end device.

Is there a CTI client?

The Phonalisa CTI-Client is available for Mac OSX and Windows. 

Is there an LDAP connection?

There is the possibility to import users from LDAP, but this module is not the default and always needs to be adapted to your LDAP/Active Direcory implementation. If you need the LDAP import, please indicate this when placing your order.

Can I use a softphone?

Phonalisa is compatible to many softphones, e.g. Zoiper, Bria, Twinkle, Yate, and many more…

We use a Kyocera printer. Is it possible to send a fax directly via the printer?

You can of course send the fax via the printer’s analog interface, but there is also support for the Kyocera Smartfax App. However, this is only supported if you are using the Linux version of the telephone system (the integrated mail server is required)..

Is there a solution for a fax printer for Windows or maybe even for OSX?

A fax printer solution is in the works, but this development will take some time. Since some customers could not do without this feature, we then set up Hylafax as a fax server directly on the system for them. Its printer driver for all systems will then work wonderfully with the system. The corresponding modems for Hylafax are already provided by the system on the Linux version.

Can automatic backups simply be stored externally, e.g. on a NAS?

The backup path is customizable. If you mount a directory of the NAS on the Linux system and place the backup path on it, the automatic backups will be stored on the NAS.

With VOIP there are often CallerID problems. How is Phonalisa prepared for this? Every provider is very different. Especially when forwarding to a mobile phone this could cause problems.

Phonalisa supports some providers by default. If a desired provider does not yet work satisfactorily – we will be happy to take a look and solve the problem at short notice. The CallerID can be composed according to all SIP RFC’s and made available to the provider via the desired SIP header (RPID,PAI,FROM). In case of doubt there is the possibility to manipulate the headers directly via a script extension.

We have a hotel software for the billing of telephone calls. Can Phonalisa be connected to the hotel software?

A connection to existing hotel management software is possible, provided that the program provides the appropriate interfaces. If this is the case, we will be happy to make you an offer for the integration of the connection. Connections were realized e.g. via RS232 interface to an installation with Velox hotel software. (

We use Harmony CRM as our customer database. Is it possible to select directly from the dataset by clicking?

If you are using the Phonalisa CTI client, you can click on the following from the Harmony customer administration (, and Dial phone numbers from an e-mail or directly from a website. That’s the hotkey function.

I have an extensive XING contact list and use it very intensively. Can I synchronize my XING contacts with Phonalisa?

You can import your Xing contacts into your Phonalisa address book. If one of your Xing contacts then calls – his profile picture will also be displayed on your device (function depends on the device, works e.g. with snom 870). Of course, you will also find all your Xing contacts in your Phonalisa address book in the web interface, the CTI client and of course in the phone book on your terminal (if this is supported by Provisioning and supports plant-side phone books).

Can I import my iPhone contacts (iCloud) into a Phonalisa address book?

Yes, you can also synchronize your iPhone contact list with Phonalisa. An iCloud sync was specially developed for this purpose. You need an Apple iCloud account to sync, which you use in your iOS device and then add it to your Phonalisa to sync.

Our production hall is very noisy. Can you connect a loud horn to Phonalisa to make it sound when a phone rings?

That’s definitely possible. However, you will need special hardware for this. We have already successfully implemented such scenarios for our customers. Please contact us about this topic, we will certainly find a suitable solution for your request.

We have a door intercom system with automatic door opener. Is it possible to connect Phonalisa to the system to open the door by telephone key?

Yes, in most cases this is possible without any problems. We have already connected a large number of different door intercom systems to Phonalisa. Door opening via DTMF dialing also continues to work. Some systems of course require hardware to connect them to the system.

Can Phonalisa be connected to surveillance cameras to be alerted in the event of a burglary?

Phonalisa can be connected e.g. with cameras of the manufacturer “Mobotix”. A call or SMS can then be triggered in the event of a burglary. It is also possible to display a real-time image on the smartphone.

Our patients use bracelets with emergency call buttons. Can they be connected to Phonalisa to see which room the emergency call is coming from?

Phonalisa has been used successfully in the healthcare sector for years. Emergency call systems are standard and can be integrated into Phonalisa.

Do I need extensive IT knowledge if I want to install a Phonalisa at home?

No, Phonalisa is simple and easy to understand. For support there is a comprehensive manual and help videos. Our support team is also available to answer your questions.

Can I connect my telecom connection to a Phonalisa?

If you are still using classic ISDN telephony, you will need a media gateway for the connection – e.g. from Beronet ( If you use a Telekom VoIP connection (e.g. All IP), it can be used directly with the system (of course without media gateway).

Can I continue to use my fax machine?

Yes, you can still use your hardware fax machine. You only need to connect it via a media gateway (e.g. Beronet) or SIP-ATA. If you want to make external calls via VoIP, please note that faxes over IP will never have the stability you are used to from faxing over ISDN. Aborts of faxes, especially with many pages, sometimes happen over the IP connection. This depends strongly on the quality of the Internet connection and the fax machines used. In Phonalisa the most modern technologies are used (T.38) to keep the probability of abortions as low as possible. If a hardware fax machine with which you send more than 5 pages at a time several times a day is critical for your business, we still recommend the use of an ISDN or analog line for sending/receiving faxes.

Where can I get help regarding Phonalisa issues if needed ?

Best of all over our support team. You can reach us by phone at the following number +49-30-780009494, contact form or via email (

Is there a user manual?

The Phonalisa manual is available in German and English. There are question mark buttons on the entire Phonalisa user interface. These lead directly to the respective manual chapter of the online help.

I don't want to take care of the installation myself - can a specialist do it for me?

This is not a problem. We are happy to take over the installation for you – whether on site or by telephone (remote). This can result in additional costs (e.g. support costs and travel costs).

Are there any user training courses on how to use the telephone system and the telephones?

Yes, we also offer user training as part of the installation. Here either administrative employees or the entire team are trained. According to your ideas. The prices are based on the time taken and the number of employees to be trained.

Is there a support contract?

Of course we also offer you a support contract. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly, we will certainly find the best solution for you.

I need 24/7 surveillance of the system. Does the support contract cover that?

Yes, 24/7 monitoring of the system is possible, also a 24/7 availability in case of a failure.

I want to update my system. What do I do? Will there be any extra costs?

You can update the system using the supplied update mechanism; there are no license costs for updates within a major version.

How do I change the IP of the Phonalisa after the installation via the Linux-ISO?

At the moment you still have to change the IP via the Linux system itself (/etc/network/interfaces). The commission IP must still be adjusted afterwards. 

As part of the appliance development there will soon be an administration for network adapters as well as an integrated DHCP server under System (of course this can also be switched off).