The Phonalisa CTI client successfully closes the gap between PC and phone. So it is easily possible to dial phone numbers from an e-mail, directly from a website or from the CRM system used by mouse click.

With the included colleague monitor, you can see in real time which colleague is currently on the phone, free or offline. The colleague monitor can be placed freely on your monitor, you can also make it transparent to make it as inconspicuous as possible. If you have more than one monitor, you can select on which screen the colleague monitor should be displayed.

The address books are mirrored with those on your Phonalisa web interface and change instantly when you make an adjustment or addition.

You save a lot of time if you no longer have to dial phone numbers manually – but conveniently and quickly by mouse click.

The Phonalisa CTI client is available for Windows (from Windows 7) and MacOSX.

Anrufliste mit Wählfeld

Call List

  • Dial field for number entry
  • the phone numbers are canonized correctly immediately, i.e. also numbers you enter with +43… are converted and dialled
  • during an active call, the name, phone number, a picture (if available), duration of the call and status (incoming / outgoing) are displayed
  • the hang up button immediately disconnects the call
  • by clicking on an entry in the list – the number is dialed immediately

The Hotkey-Function for Dialling

Dial phone numbers by hotkey (shortcut key), for example:

  • from an e-mail
  • directly from a website
  • from your CRM system

You can set up a call quickly and easily, without having to change the program, by marking the phone number, pressing the shortcut key and your phone rings. The call can also be established directly via a stored script, e.g. for call center agents or colleagues who use a headset.

Feature Code for the Hotkey-Function under MacOSX and Windows: ALT + F1

The Additional Settings

  • You can change your call forwarding quickly and easily here.
  • All call diversions that are stored on the Phonalisa web interface for your user are displayed here..
  • Queue agents can also be quickly logged out and in – provided they are not static agents.
  • You can log your phone in and out
  • You can also enable and disable the DND-Status

The Extension Monitor

  • You can hide or display the extension monitor.
  • The positioning on the screen can be changed in many ways
  • If you use more than one screen, you can also display them on your 2nd or 3rd monitor.
  • The extension monitor can display horizontally or vertically and the number of rows/columns displayed can also be varied.
  • If you move the mouse over the extension monitor, you can hide it for a certain time (in mms) in order to display the content behind it.
  • A permanent display is also possible, with the extension monitor always remaining in the foreground.
  • Transparency can also be influenced
  • In the “Buddies” tab, you can select the extensions that are relevant for you for the display in the extension monitor.

Extension monitor with presence status of employees

The Address Books

  • In the CTI client you can seamlessly reuse your address books from the Phonalisa web interface.
  • Changes and extensions to the address book that you make in the CTI Client are also immediately applied to the Web interface.
  • Phone numbers can be dialed via Click2Dial.
  • E-mails can be sent by Click2Mail directly to the contact
  • Links can also be displayed immediately in the browser by clicking on them
  • The read and write rights concern the display of the address books in the CTI client as well as on the web interface, see also Group and Authorization System. Group and authorization system

  • Download Phonalisa CTI and TAPI Client - choose your operating system: