Date values in the time profile

In the Phonalisa time profiles, date values and time values can be created quickly and easily in a profile. These profiles can then be used in the call diversion system or in the routing system. This makes it possible to redirect calls on a specific date or time or route calls to a new destination.

Use cases for date rules:

  • holiday plan
  • annual closing
  • exhibition dates
  • deliveries
  • Holidays and vacations

Date and time values can also be combined!

Week rules in the time profile

Weekly rules are used, for example, to define business hours or break times. This makes it possible to distribute calls accordingly on the basis of a time profile with stored opening times.

Use cases for time rules:

  • Outside business hours
  • During business hours
  • Regulation of early and late shifts
  • Special opening hours

Use in

call diversion system

Use in


Screencast about the Phonalisa Timeprofiles