Unified Communications

Unified Messaging

Integrated instant messaging and fax server. Any number of fax boxes incl. Fax2Mail.

UC Call Forwarding System

Redirect your calls based on your presence. From now on, you can simply control yourself who can reach you, when and how.

Presence-Management and Chat

You see at a glance who is currently available and can communicate quickly.

Intelligent routing incl. one-numbering

The system finds the appropriate contact person for the caller.

Dashboard with UC Stream

You always have your complete communication in view.

Calendar and Social Addressbook

The system includes a calendar and address books with connectors to social networks such as Xing and iCloud import.

The UC functions simplify day-to-day communication within the company and with the customer. Communication channels are bundled and made more efficient.

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Elementary Features

  • All telephony features of conventional telephone systems
  • Simple administration via intuitive web interface
  • Mobile optimized interface
  • Virtual conference rooms and video conferences
  • Black- and Whitelists
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Intelligent Call Distribution

Basic functions are all those that are needed in everyday life. Of course Phonalisa also offers you everything which conventional telephone systems offers + that certain extra.

Encrypted Telephony

Encrypted video telephony

Of course, the video data is also transmitted in encrypted form.

End to End Encryption

Phonalisa telephone systems can make fully encrypted calls to each other.


The most secure algorithms are always used.

All phones supported by Phonalisa always use the most secure technology currently available for transmission.

Site Networking

Connection of several locations

Any number of locations can be connected to a Phonalisa telephone system. This is possible with the “System coupling” function.

Cross-site presence function

See who is on the phone or busy, across all locations.

Connection of home office employees

Employees in the home office can be created as external agents and, thanks to the presence function, are constantly networked with their colleagues.

Multilingualism and time zones

You can operate your sites with different system languages and time zones.

With Phonalisa you can connect several locations and use the presence functions across locations in addition to free internal telephony. Calls between locations are fully encrypted.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Intuitive CTI Client for MacOSX, Windows and Linux
  • Click2Dial from almost all applications
  • Access to central address books
  • Extension and presence monitor
  • Your UC stream always in view (calls, faxes, etc.)
  • TAPI driver for Windows, enables e.g. dialing function from Outlook

The Phonalisa CTI client successfully closes the gap between PC and telephone and saves a lot of time in daily office work.

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Auto-Provisioning for Phones

Central Address Books

All Phonalisa address books are of course also available on your devices. (LDAP/XML).

Firmware management

You can manage all devices centrally – including automatic firmware updates, of course.

Key and parameter profiles

Every user can configure his telephone keys via the WebGUI of Phonalisa. However, you can also specify these in profiles.

Support of different manufacturers

You can choose from a whole pool of terminals from different manufacturers. Full freedom. No constraints whatsoever.

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The right Features for your Business

  1. Support of ergonomic telephones for hospitals

  2. Support of industrial telephones (with splash water protection)

  3. Charging system for hotels and clinics

  4. Connection of emergency call systems

  5. Training features for call center agents

Phonalisa offers the right functions for a wide variety of industries. For example, the Phonalisa “Medical Edition” is equipped with a billing system for patient calls and provisioning for special ergonomic telephones (large-key telephones).

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