Speed up your communication processes with the help of the Phonalisa IP telephone system

A lot of time is often lost in day-to-day business to communicate on individual processes and projects. The listener is picked up quickly without knowing whether the colleague has time for this. He/she interrupts the work in order to answer the telephone call or to answer an email. Then we have to start all over again – this costs time, money and useful resources.

  • Wouldn’t it be better to see if a colleague has time?
  • Is my secretary back from her break?
  • Was the colleague from the administration only available from Monday to Wednesday or can I get him on the phone on Thursday as well?
  • I urgently need to talk to my colleague about a project – is she at her PC in the home office right now and not too busy?

All these questions would be important to clarify BEFORE starting the telephone-conversation or writing an extensive email.

The solution: The Instant Messenger

Picture: The Instant Messenger under Apple MacOSX

The Instant Messenger allows you to see the presence status of your colleagues at a glance. Depending on the Messenger client, this may be the case:

  • Absent
  • absence
  • offline
  • Employed
  • Own status: e.g. in a meeting, lunch break, on the phone,…

The Phonalisa IP PBX also depends on the status of the Instant Messenger. So it is possible to configure a call diversion, which e.g. diverts to the mobile phone as soon as the Presence status changes to “Offline”. This is Unified Communications (UC)!

Learn more about the Phonalisa UC functions…