The Phonalisa IP telephone system is also ideally suited for micro-enterprises or sole proprietorships. The SBE version is particularly suitable for this installation size. Modules such as call center functionality or cluster licenses can confidently be dispensed with.

The option of purchasing individual function packages in this version allows you to remain flexible.

Certain functions are particularly important for each industry.

Especially for this size of company it is important to have an AB, because the permanent staffing of the office is difficult here. A call diversion in case of busy calls or when nobody can answer the phone is also important. If you are going to end of work, you forward the calls to your mobile phone or voicebox. This is all possible with a mouse click or you can put the function on a phone key and press it when you leave the office.

“I have been working successfully with AereA GmbH (partner of Phonalisa Europe GmbH) since 2013. I can use the Phonalisa system wherever I have an Internet connection. Through my consulting activities I travel a lot, also internationally. Internet telephony helps me to keep my communication costs under control and to always be reachable under my company number. The support by the support team is uncomplicated, fast and problem solution oriented.”

Prof. Dr. Klaus Frank, Dr. Frank Innovation

Possible industries:

  • Smaller craft businesses (e.g. bakers, butchers, carpenters,…)
  • Sole proprietors (e.g. tax consultants, lawyers, real estate agents,…)
  • Doctor’s surgeries
  • Physiotherapy practices
  • and much more.
Price list and version overview
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