The Phonalisa SBE or Business variant is particularly suitable for medium-sized companies. With a company of this size, it is important, among other things, that the transfer to the individual employees functions securely, usually via a central transfer desk. The head office consists of at least 2 employees or a group of employees who divide the different shifts. The telephone of the switchboard is usually equipped with one or more add-on modules to display the employees of the company with their extension. Alternatively, the Phonalisa CTI-Client which can also use the extension monitor to display all employees with their status directly on the PC.

For the employees it is important that you can activate and deactivate your call forwarding yourself, that you can use the DND status, that you can listen to your voicebox and that you can send faxes independently. These functions belong to the basic functions of the Phonalisa IP telephone system.

The executive-secretary circuit is also important for a company of this size. This makes it possible for the secretary to reach her boss internally when call forwarding is activated (e.g. to an AB). This blocks external and internal calls and only the secretary is allowed to interrupt call forwarding. It does not matter how many secretaries the boss has or how many a secretary can be assigned to several bosses.

“Not just a telephone system

hat you expect all important features from a professional telephone system reliably is normal, but not only the system convinces by its professional performance! No matter which company-specific requirement is considered, the developers / support of Phonalisa convince at least with the same reliability and professionalism! Even with regard to updates and product development, this system does not lag behind.…

A truly future-proof investment – absolutely recommendable!”

Markus Limbach, RESQmed – Emergency Training

Site networking also plays a key role. In most cases, the head office operates from a different location than the warehouse, purchasing, IT and other departments. The different systems can be connected via a system coupling and the advantages, e.g. the cross-location presence function, can be used.

“Professional telephony without limits.

Company headquarters, branches, home offices or even mobile users – this system networks and offers all important functions of a company telephone system securely and reliably! Whether system connection, ISDN or SIP, Phonalisa convinces with its reliability and simple operation. The administration effort is low and the investment costs remain manageable.

All in all a recommendable system!”

Ch. Joisten – Aviatics GmbH & Co.KG

Examples of terminal devices of a central exchange:

“Phonalisa – Lots of power, low price

We chose Phonalisa about 5 years ago and don’t regret a minute. The system offers all the functions you could wish for at an attractive price! The pleasant thing about this system is that it grows as quickly and easily as your own company.

So if you are looking for a future-proof telephone solution, you’ve come to the right place!”

W.Stecher, Wingsacademy