“You have to break an egg to make an omelette”… they say so beautifully. In manufacturing companies, things can sometimes get loud, dirty, damp or dusty. It is good that the Phonalisa IP telephone system is also equipped for this and can cope with such conditions.

If it’s loud in a production hall and you can hardly understand your own word – how do you know that a telephone is ringing? For these applications, we have connected special bells/loudspeakers to the telephone system at customers’ premises. When an incoming call is received, the bell rings and signals the call.

Examples of connected hardware in industry

  • Bells/loudspeakers in production halls
  • Postage meters (which recharge by telephone)
  • Load lifts
  • Passenger lifts
  • Door intercom systems and door openers
  • Cameras and surveillance systems

DECT systems for spacious halls and terrain

The Phonalisa is known to work reliably with a variety of different end device manufacturers. This is also the case when DECT systems are used. Depending on the nature and structure of the system, different DECT systems can be used. Here it depends on whether the mobile terminals are used in offices or in halls with reinforced concrete walls. Depending on the application, we have different manufacturers at petto. Even splash-proof mobile terminals for workshops or laboratories are compatible with the Phonalisa IP telephone system.

With the DECT multicell solutions of our partners it is of course also possible to equip large areas with hundreds of employees with the DECT solution.

“We from company LADENA are customers of the first hour. Sören Sprenger was himself in our house at the time and put the plant into operation. Since this time, which is now 8 years ago, our telephone system runs without problems. Technically mature, user-friendly and practical in its daily use, that stands for Phonalisa and the underlying spirit of the team. The investment made at that time is still fun to this day. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your open and pragmatic thinking and actions. We wish you continued success and great ideas for the future.”

Sandro Conradi, LADENA OHG

The site connection

It is also common in this industry for the head office to be located at a different location from the production site. Via the Phonalisa plant coupling, the sites can be connected with each other and use the advantages of internal networking.

The encrypted telephony in the internal area, for the transmission of sensitive data – is only one of the advantages.