With Phonalisa Business-Edition or Enterprise-Edition, large companies get all the functions they need in a large installation.

Differences between the two versions: The Enterprise version is the final version of all available 270 functions of the Phonalisa IP telephone system! There is no restriction. The system coupling is also unlimited, no matter how many locations you want to connect with each other.

The billing module (billing system) is also available as standard in the Enterprise version.

In addition, the Phonalisa Enterprise Edition is the only version clusterable. This means you can build a cluster setup for load balancing and high availability.

There are some points in the structure and structure that are the same in almost every large company

  • A call distribution centre
  • Alternative: several language menus (single and multilevel)
  • queues with static, dynamic, and external agents
  • Time and date-controlled call distribution
  • different end devices in use (mobile and desktop devices)
  • Instant Messaging for internal communication
  • CTI client for optimizing telephony
  • Location connection
  • failure safety, redundant systems

Additional service worthwhile for large companies

In large companies and groups there is usually a separate IT department, which also looks after the telephone system and networks. We offer training courses for administrators so that they can master the Phonalisa IP telephone system and make their own adjustments. Furthermore, we offer a 24/7 support contract with 24/7 monitoring of the system with corresponding support levels. Updates are then carried out automatically and the system is always up to date.

The support contract (in various versions and sizes) and also the training of the administrative users – is of course also available in all other company and installation sizes.

Examples for executive level terminals and department heads

Siemens Openstage 80 SIP

Yealink T48G

Tiptel IP 3130

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