The Phonalisa IP telephone system has already proven itself several times in use in hotels. When a certain hotel classification is reached, it is necessary to provide guests with a telephone not only in the public hotel accommodation area – but also directly in the rooms.

We work together with a large pool of different manufacturers and can therefore offer a wide range of telephones specially designed for hotel guests. Phonalisa has a few extra functions in its petto to ensure that guests do not make free calls around the world and drive the hotelier into financial ruin. On the one hand, the routing system can be used to block certain number ranges (black and white lists) so that no chargeable hotlines can be called.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of “Least-Cost-Routing” which enables different providers to be used at different times for different target networks. If, for example, you have a SIP provider that offers a very good price per minute in the USA, you can use this preferentially for calls to the USA.

Furthermore Phonalisa offers the accounting system. This allows hoteliers to create an invoice when the guest checks out and thus also invoice the costs incurred.

„About 10 years ago we decided to cooperate with AereA GmbH (partner of Phonalisa Europe GmbH). We were recommended Phonalisa as a telephone system for our company. Since the installation of the plant, this runs trouble-free. After a brief consultation, adaptation requests for the system were implemented within a few minutes. Conclusion: We are very satisfied with the telephone system and the support and can only recommend this company.“

Special Features when Using Analog Devices

Especially in older hotels, it can happen that analogue terminals are in use and do not want to be replaced by more modern IP telephones.

This is no problem for Phonalisa!

During installation, a special SIP-ATA adapter is used which enables analogue telephones to be operated on a Phonalisa IP telephone system.

Analog devices do not support extended convenience functions as IP terminals would, e.g. individual guest greetings in the display or another language for telephone menu navigation.

Special features when using hotel software

The market offers a variety of different hotel software solutions. To support all is not possible – but we try it!

If you as a hotelier would like to connect your hotel management and billing solution with the Phonalisa IP telephone system, we can offer you an interface development.

Prerequisite for this: The provider of the hotel software must provide us with a compliant interface so that we can connect it to Phonalisa. Then it is also possible, for example, to print the billing of the room calls directly on the final billing of the guest.

Please contact us – if you wish an interface development especially for your hotel software.

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