iCloud Sync with Phonalisa and enabled iCloud 2-factor authentication

“Two-factor authentication” or “Two-level confirmation” is a feature for all iCloud users using an Apple device with IOS 9, OS X El Capitan or later software. This function considerably increases the security of your Apple ID, but also means that when you create a iCloud-Accounts for the synchronization on the Phonalisa a few things have to be considered. Instead of using your Apple ID password as usual, you will need to generate a separate password for your Phonalisa account. In the following 7 steps we will show you step by step how to generate an application-specific password.

Generating an application-specific password

  1. Please login to apple.com with your Apple-ID and your password

2. Click in the lower part of the page on “Manage your Apple ID“.

3. On the following page, in the “Security” section, click Edit.

4. If you now see in the lower part of the area “Security” that the function “Two-level confirmation”(1) is activated, please click on “Create password…”. (2) in the “Application-specific password” area.

5. In the field that opens, enter the name of the application (1) and click “Create” (2).

6 Nach einem Klick auf Create erhalten Sie ein von Apple generiertes Passwort. Bitte notieren Sie dies und bewahren Sie es an einem sicheren Ort auf, da es nur für Phonalisa nach dem ersten Gebrauch gilt.

7. Now use the password generated above instead of your normal Apple password when creating new accounts.